(Note: onsite training and presentations available for all below)



Performance/Compliance ~ Governance/Legislation (ISOs etc., local to international)

We can review the whole of your business or selected areas to ensure that you are not only complying with legislation but that your performance within this structure is as effective as it could be.

Management Systems ~ Policies & Procedures ~ Environmental Statements

Working with both management and employees to build the best and most effective internal structures and to proudly present your environmental credentials to all stakeholders including potential clients, other businesses, organisations and authorities.

Risk Assessments ~ Pre-Audit (External) Review ~ Internal Audit ~ Post-Audit Remediation

It's always better to pass an external audit with flying colours, but better than that, it's so beneficial to your business to be on top of everything and remain there.  We can help to get you there and keep you there.  As part of this process we can undertake a number of reviews...

  • map and historical land use surveys - important for your existing land and if you are looking for a new site, liaising with local and regional authorities and government agencies to capture and mitigate / ameliorate any environmental land issues 

  • input, process, output and loss analysis - identifying where savings can be made through improved environmental performance

  • aspects and impacts analysis - a comprehensive review of knock-on effects from your operations further highlighting the opportunities you have to engender savings and avoid potential costs and pitfalls

  • source > pathway > receptor analysis - identifying potential pollution streams and / or possibilities for your business to be adversely affected by the pollution of others.  Also assessing the probability of extreme environmental impacts on your business (flooding etc). 

Waste Management & Circular Economics - reduction, reuse and recycling

This plays a big part in driving down your costs and increasing your bottom line.  In doing this you are automatically being environmentally responsible.  We can also assess your supply chain for better options.

Project: Research ~ Report Writing & Document Production

Oakstone is known for creative and innovative thinking, big strategies in fine detail and is highly praised for the quality of it's documentary output.  We know how to open doors for initiatives, build mutually beneficial relationships with other organisations (private and public) and attract funding for both environmental and everyday enterprises.  Experience with small to multi-million pound domestic and international projects is here to be tapped into.  This includes...

  • meaningful yet eye-catching graphics

  • detailed graphs, charts and schematics etc.

  • stylish, professional presentation

  • professional photography - and coming soon - pro-drone video surveying

Online Surveys and general intelligence gathering

Often supporting the above we are experienced in developing and conducting online surveys following up with meaningful data interpretation in an easily digested yet eminently presentable format.  This can be very useful when seeking funding or in winning support from authorities and government agencies.

Community Engagement

Many savvy businesses know very well the advantages of engaging with the community in which they operate though this does need to be sincere and not just lip-service which is so transparent.  We are experts in this area and can advise, support and indeed provide you with ideas on how to go about this and how to mutually benefit.

Training & Presentation

Oakstone offers bespoke training on all of the above elements