Performance / Compliance ~ Governance / Legislation (ISOs etc)

Management Systems ~ Circular Economics / Waste Management

Pre-Audit Review ~ Post-Audit Remediation

RE can undertake a full or partial review of your systems to assess where things are going great, possibly need some tweaking or maybe require a more comprehensive overhaul.

We can help you in the construction of your policies/procedures, devise effective management systems, compose environmental statements, liaise with authorities to meet planning consents and more, all in line with current legislation/guidance giving you the reassurance you need to get on with your business confidently.

Call us for a chat, we can even arrange a FREE no obligation initial site visit.


Water Quality - Legionella Risk Assessments / Management & Training

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (No. 10 of 2005)  Under this Act,

"...every employer must prepare a safety statement...based on identification of hazards and an assessment of risks to the Safety, Health and Welfare of his / her employees.  The employer must also provide employees with information and training with respect to the risk posed by biological agents such as Legionella bacteria."  The legislation goes on expansively and is unequivocal.

RE specialises in Legionella Risk Assessments of water systems providing you with a fully diagnostic report and back-up guidance on remediation requirements.  We also provide you with all the information you need, and training (onsite), to manage your system, your own business/site specific logbook.

Can your business sustain very high fines and possible imprisonment for disregard of the law where outbreaks of Legionnaires' Disease occur or even deaths?


Research ~ Report Writing &

Document Production

"Exemplary report...executed meticulously and, professionally" (WT Data Science Institute)

Years of corporate project experience, a national concept design award and a Masters degree in environmental sciences  underpin RE's offering here.  One concept document from an idea by RE and produced by us is currently the stimulus for a £500k feasibility study for an £80M "globally significant project'' by an internationally renowned and revered company.  Other documents by us have attracted tens of thousands of pounds for potential seed funding by multi-award winning  development companies in conjunction with government agencies, county and city councils and a world class university.

From concept to conclusion, and all points in-between, if you have something you want to say locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, RE can say it for you innovatively, professionally and with panache.  Our project documents can open the right doors for you.