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Above the Clouds



Ian Hughes; BSc, MSc (Hons) Natural Sciences, MREI

Dips Environmental Management / Water Conservation & Management / Environmental Waste Management.

Galileo Master Certificates: Renewable Energy Solutions, Solar Thermal, Biomass,

Certs. Natural, Social, Human Capital Accounting / Ecosystem Services Valuation / Water Accounting & Auditing

Cert. Sustainable Agriculture, C&G Legionella Risk Management


(Written by the CEO of a global business efficiency company)


Ian is a seasoned consultant with a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, governance and compliance, supported by a diverse skill set honed through years of academic pursuit and hands-on experience.

With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Natural Sciences from Lancaster University, Ian

has established a solid foundation in environmental management, augmented by specialised diplomas in areas such as renewable energy solutions, water conservation, and waste management.

Ian's technical acumen spans a wide array of domains, from conducting risk assessments to developing energy/water efficiency plans and hydrological survey reports.

Moreover, Ian's personal attributes, including his keen eye for detail, strategic planning acumen, and strong communication skills, make him a valuable asset in any consultancy endeavour.

Throughout his career, Ian has demonstrated a knack for identifying synergies and opportunities for mutual benefit, whether through his roles in business development and risk assessment, where he spearheaded brand redevelopment and system overhauls, or in roles involving sustainability initiatives, where he actively contributed to mitigating environmental impacts, ensuring best practices, and offering valuable insights through interactive site mapping.

His contributions extend beyond the corporate realm, with notable achievements such as his instrumental role in securing funding for transformative projects poised to have a significant impact on an entire regional economy and create over 1,000 new jobs.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Ian's personal interests reflect his deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, environmental conservation and community engagement. From spearheading initiatives focused on local heritage to grassroots initiatives such as tree planting for flood amelioration, Ian's efforts underscore his dedication to making a meaningful difference in his community.

As a consultant, Ian's holistic approach, coupled with his blend of technical expertise and passion for sustainability, positions him as a trusted advisor capable of driving positive change in both corporate and community settings. His track record of success and unwavering dedication to excellence make him a valuable asset in any consultancy project aimed at advancing environmental stewardship, climate action, and sustainability initiatives.

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