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private Water supply

"Everyone deserves to have confidence in their drinking water."

Roy Cooper

Beautiful Nature

the essentials!

Irish Water have identified multiple private water supplies (PWS) contaminated with E. coli and there are other nasties such as legionella and cryptosporidium.  Wherever you get your water from; streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, bogs, boreholes or wells etc., (i.e. not Irish Water) it needs treating to make it potable, wholesome and safe.

Oakstone offer:

  • Hazard Assessments (lab testing water samples)

  • Water Safety Plans with logbooks to record actions

  • Ultraviolet/sediment filtration and chemical dosing guidance

  • Ground/surface water abstraction licence applications

  • Rainwater harvesting advice

  • Schematics produced to support applications

  • Research and report writing supporting projects

Oakstone - For All of Your PWS Requirements

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